Computer hacker with digital tablet stealing data

8 Ways to Hack a WordPress Site…And How To Prevent It – Part 1 – Brute Force

To stop hackers, it helps to know how they think. We’ll discuss specific methods of hacking, how they work, and what you can do about it as a webmaster. Wordpress websites are particularly vulnerable, but not simply because of the platform itself. The vulnerabilities of WP are largely due to it’s immense popularity alone, and the ability for novice developers to code how they please, with little knowledge about cyber security in general.

Content marketers can benefit significantly from implementing SEO

The Rewarding Relationship Between Content Marketing and SEO

There have been long standing battles about whether or not SEO and content marketing efforts should be kept separate from each other, but those viewpoints are slowly beginning to erode away as marketers and businesses begin to realize the mutually beneficial relationship between the two.

The truth is that having an interconnected relationship between your SEO and your content marketing can be extremely effective in establishing credibility and getting content in front of more people.