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Utilize Email Effectively

Harvesting Lists for ‘Free’ Marketing

Email Marketing offers businesses a very inexpensive way to stay in touch with their existing customers and prospects. If your business isn’t currently collecting email as a part of it’s daily process then your business is missing out on big opportunity.

We show you how to effectively build an email list and just as importantly how to communicate with that list effectively. Generate more referrals, repeats, and of course revenue.

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Beautifully Designed Email Campaigns

Beautiful & Engaging Content is Key

We think of each email or newsletter as a piece of art. Our top writers and graphic designers collaborate to create a custom template specific to your business. We make sure that your emails represent your brand the way you would want it to.

Our emails receive higher open and click through rates compared to national benchmark averages. Why? We put so much care and detail into each email to ensure optimal results.

Marketing Synergy

Email is the backbone to multifaceted marketing

The ability for email to be extremely cost-effective and to leave an impression directly on your target audience is one of many reasons why an email campaign should be utilized in every marketing endeavor.

Studies have shown that when people are exposed to content in various formats, they are much more likely to remember and and engage with such content. Email marketing is a great way to apply the ‘attack from all angles’ strategy, a process perfected by Strunk Media.

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What You’ll Get

Email List Generation

Learn how to build your internal customer database and retain valuable information to leverage.

Internal Data Mining

Target you current audience with a message specific to them by utilizing the data you have available.

Beautiful Design

Our creative team is always making amazing emails designed to maximize engagement and promote positive responses.

Optimized Campaigns

We constantly apply our patented method of A/B testing to ensure your email campaigns are always as effective as possible. From time of day to subject lines, we optimize every thing.

Marketing Synergy

Utilize email to kickstart or piggy-back another marketing campaign, whether it’s done via social media, website, or traditional marketing.

Advanced Analytics

Get extremely detailed reports on each email campaign. We use the reports to determine what works and what doesn’t, then continue to improve the process.


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