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Easiest Way to Get More Reviews!

Get more reviews on the sites that matter!

Not only are reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp trusted, but they are a necessity to your business’s continued success! 92% of consumers now review online reviews and 44% of those consumers state that a review must be less than a month old to be relevant.

We have a fast, easy, effective, AND affordable solution for you! We guarantee that you will see an increase in reviews when using our software & processes. Don’t push it off any longer, give us a call or email us to schedule your free demo!

A Simplified & Proven Approach

A guaranteed way to increase reviews online!

Simply ask you customers if they would mind providing you feedback in regards to their recent experience. Once they say yes, easily add their name, email, and/or cell phone number into our system.

When a customer is in the moment, they are 9 times more likely to provide you a review. If you wait until after the experience, the probability of a conversion dramatically decreases. Companies that follow our process see upwards of a 50% conversion rate for reviews.

Customer Request
Text Message

Convenient & Timely

We make it ridiculously easy!

They will receive a text message within a predetermined amount of time asking about their recent experience.¬†Once the user answers, our system will determine whether or not the response was positive…or negative.

If negative, we will ask them for comments as to why and send them to you directly. If positive, we then open a review app based on their phone where they can easily leave you a great review! It’s that easy!

Improve Local SEO

Rank higher in Google with more positive reviews!

Review indicators are a very large part of local SEO. With your increased number of positive reviews, your company will start to rank above the competition. It’s due to trust.

If you were a massive search engine that was trying to determine the best result for a consumer, wouldn’t the number and quality of reviews about a company play a big part in that?

Local SEO
Advanced Analytics

Measure the Results

Your own comprehensive dashboard!

At Strunk Media we believe in measuring everything. We don’t believe something is working unless we can back that belief up with numbers. You will have to a comprehensive dashboard that will keep you alert about everything regarding your company’s online reputation.

See new reviews, track the most popular sources, and even track which employees are referring the post reviews! In addition, you will get automated alerts so that you know when a new review has been written about your company and where it is. Respond to these reviews easily from your dashboard!

What You’ll Get

On-board Support

Don’t worry, our software makes setting up the system a breeze! Our on-board team will setup the tool and load all of the relevant review sites & information for you. You don’t need to worry about any of it!

Initial & Ongoing Training

Strunk Media will train your team to use our software in addition to the proven processes. We make sure your team is setup to be successful from the very beginning.

Account Coordinator

We don’t leave your success up to chance. You will receive a dedicated account coordinator that will review your account and make recommendations on how to continually improve your online reputation.

Business Listings Plus

Our team of specialists can make sure you are added to dozens of relevant sites. Just moved or changed any of your business information? Our team keeps your info up to date on all public websites.

Improved Local SEO

You will continue to rise in the local search engine rankings with your new & improve online reputation. Start dominating the local search results with Strunk Media on your side.

Analytical Reporting

You have full access to data related to your online reputation & your account coordinator will also. We help interpret the results and make recommendations based off of data.


Limited Offer!

Stop pushing off your media & marketing goals! Schedule your free demo to learn more about how Strunk Media can help improve your online reputation and so much more!

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