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Collaboration is Key to SEO

Rank high when people search for you!

SEO is a multifaceted marketing approach that combines technical skills, creativity, and a utilization of various other marketing mediums such as social meda, email and content.

We’ve all heard the cliche catchphrases like “content is king” and “Links, links, links!” But SEO is not a gimmick performed by some guru locked in a cage who claims to have hacked Google’s algorithm. Instead, it is a collaborative effort among skilled writers, creative designers, technical wizards and savvy marketers with their client’s customers in their best interest.

content development

More Than Just Content

If Content is King, We Offer the Whole Kingdom!

We do not create content just for the sake of having content, nor do we label it with meaningless tags like “high quality” and “relevant”, although that’s exactly what it is!

The content we create at Strunk Media is more than just filler blog posts like so many other SEO agencies do. Our content may be in many forms such as static information pages, press releases, white pages, opinion articles, technical knowledge bases and other formats. This content is carefully crafted, formatted and delivered with intent. We do not post work that we are not truly proud of. How many other SEO companies can say that?

A Patented Technical Approach

We are unique and we can prove it!

Strunk Media employs the “SEOwrit” approach to what’s referred to as technical seo. Various search algorithms spider through content in a fast and efficient way and ultimately, take note of various components of a document. These components are analyzed to infer relevance (to a search query) and quality (relative to other results).

Our team of technical engineers have worked in a similar fashion to those who have created the all-empowering search engines and know exactly what information is parsed and analyzed. We can implement a process to improve crawlability and give search engines exactly what they need. But of course this is only a small piece of the puzzle.

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3 knobs for creativity, efficiency, and quality

Creative Services

The Final Piece – Where Uniqueness & Quality Meet

The content is available and the technical SEO experts have done their job. But there’s still more to it. USABILITY! Strunk Media has performed hundreds of user studies in the form of A/B testing and have created a unique approach for what is referred to as conversion optimization.

What does conversion optimization have to do with SEO? Everything!

Google has a unique way of measuring a document’s quality, and user engagement is a key factor. By focusing on clever and intuitive design, we can engage our customer to interact with our content, share its content, take actions and come back for more!

What You’ll Get

Website Audit

A full website audit that measures every SEO component such as PageRank, Keyword Analysis, Speed, Responsiveness and more.

Actionable Insights

Using the comprehensive site audit, we will provide a list of actionable insights that you can implement on a regular basis to help improve SEO performance.

SEO Consultation

Receive a full consultation and a comprehensive guideline to help you achieve your desired SEO results.

Comprehensive SEO Implementation

Let Strunk optimize your website by improving site speed, utilize keywords more effectively, and create an engaging user experience.

Keeping You Current

We continuously monitor new SEO trends and make sure your site is always relevant and compliant with new web standards.

Advanced Analytics

Get full SEO reports generated directly from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools so you can see what is working and what isn’t. We always use data to continuously improve our results.

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