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Make Social Work for You

Learn how to leverage this powerful medium!

Social Media is undoubtedly a space that your company should focus on, but how? It seems so noisy and easy to get lost in all of that noise.

Strunk Media will develop a social media strategy tailored to the needs of your specific business. We will manage every facet of your social presence and tie it in to your overall branding & marketing strategy.

Your target audience IS on social media, and we can help you capture more of the available market leveraging our social media strategies.

Social Media Marketing

More Than Just Posts

Strategic media creation!

Every social media platform has a unique approach to social media when compared to the others. The media that you create for these platforms should conform to those differences and leverage the strength of the medium you are on.

We create original and compelling media that is developed specifically for the social platform in which it is being used. This helps increase engagement and the overall effectiveness of your social campaign.

Powerful Advertising

Targeted advertising reaches a new level!

How do social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn make money? Through advertising of course! Let’s face it, at the end of the day these companies want you to spend money to promote content. We marry our social strategies with social ad campaigns to exponentially improve the results.

Social sites collect thousands of data points on every user. As a media & marketing company, we can use these data points to target your specific audience. Want to target C-level executives? No problem. Want to target users who recently got engaged? Will do! The possibilities are endless and we help dial in your campaign to yield big time ROI.

Marketing positioning and marketing strategy - segmentation targeting and positioning. Visualization of marketing positioning and similar situations on market.

What You’ll Get

Facebook Advertising

Why do we break Facebook ads separate from the rest? Because their ad platform is the best in the industry. Our experts are trained to get you real results on Facebook. We yield incredible returns for our clients due to our use of data & advanced targeting.

Engaging Posts

Strunk Media will maintain your preferred social media channels with engaging content posted several times a week. We don’t create posts just to create them, each post is carefully created to bring results for your company.

Custom Page Design

We will design your various pages to match the overall branding and theme of your company. We will also add consistent bios, photos, and contact information to make sure everything is accurate and up to date.

Guaranteed Increase in Followers

Does our social media strategies work? Absolutely! That’s why we offer a guarantee that you will see an increase of relevant followers on your social media pages. Increase your following and grow your business as a direct result.

Dedicated Support

You will have direct access to your social media manager. Their sole purpose is to make sure that your social media campaign is a complete success! They will help define goals & targeting, as well manage the content that is being created for your social pages.

Analytical Reporting

Data. Data. Data. We love data! Your social media campaign wouldn’t be complete without complete analytical reporting. We help measure key metrics and we use those indicators to continually improve your social media strategy.


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