Outdoor Can Make a BIG Impact

There is no denying the branding impact of a well done billboard campaign.  Whether it’s for directional or branding purposes, outdoor is a powerful medium. So are billboards right for your business? We can help you answer that.

Main Benefits

  • Custom design & strategy
  • Billboard buying & placement
  • Cohesive with other ad strategies

What You’ll Get

Award-Winning Design

Getting noticed using six words or less is requires creative designs. Billboards are a mass medium tool that will help you quickly brand your company, but boards need to be fresh and memorable.  Remember you often have only seconds to make a lasting impression. We create impactful designs that get your point across quickly.

We Drive Your Signs

Yes, we drive your signs. This may seem silly but you may be surprised how many times your billboard may have obstructions, damage, or other issues. It’s your money but we spend it as though it were ours.

Strategic Planning

Are your billboards positioned where they should be? Are you buying too many, too few? Just like with all of our advertising efforts we put together a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals with your outdoor advertising.

Digital or Vinyl

Too many people use digital boards incorrectly! It’s still outdoor advertising and all same rules apply.  Six words or less is still the rule! And remember with digital boards, you are working with a shortened impression time than with vinyl and static boards. Let Strunk Media Group help you navigate these decisions.

Other Signs

Outdoor advertising is a frequency medium so the more the better, but billboards aren’t cheap.  We help you leverage other signage from buses to bus shelters to buildings and more. Let Strunk Media Group help you maximize your marketing dollars.

Drive Results

Our outdoor advertising campaigns are sure to drive results for your company. Let us combine your outdoor efforts with other mediums to create a consistent message that is going to prove a true return on your investment.

Case Studies


Brand New Shelby GT350

Designed to support the launch of a highly anticipated vehicle line.


Co-op Service Special

Proof that co-op creative can be eye-catching and fun.


Event Promotion

Bold, effective special event promotion.


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