Music to Your Ears

How consumers listen to radio has evolved tremendously in recent years. Have your marketing efforts changed accordingly? Advertising on digital radio stations like Pandora or iHeartRadio offer companies a very unique opportunity for their message. However, there is no denying the fact that terrestrial radio still offers the largest listening audience, even among millennials. Does your marketing plan utilize the right platform(s) for your brand?

Main Benefits

  • We offer a wide array of voice over talents
  • Research to determine ideal targeting
  • Traditional & digital mediums

What we Offer

Pandora Radio

Did you know that Pandora radio has over 78.1 million active users and had over 5.66 billion hours of listening in Q2 of 2016? Combine that with the fact that you can leverage data to target a very precise audience and you have a winning combination.


According to a study in 2016, 12% of Americans reported using iHeartRadio monthly. Offering advertisers advanced data targeting and offering listeners access to their favorite local radio stations proves a winning combination.

Terrestrial Radio

Video didn’t kill the radio star and terrestrial radio still offers a very powerful medium for companies to advertise. Never underestimate the power of local radio. We create effective audio messages and then buy the stations most important to your customers maximizing available inventory using proven methodology.

Frequency w/Surgical Precision

Lets face it, Radio provides frequency and when combined with the right reach, results happen.  We narrow down your audience with surgical precision using hundreds of indicators to ensure you achieve the most out of your radio advertising spend. Let Strunk Media Group put together the perfect radio buy to deliver your message.

Voice Talent

Are you looking for a deep, rugged voice? How about a soft female voice? Excited? Scared? No matter what sound you are trying to achieve, our pool of talented voice actors can achieve the perfect tone for your campaign.

Analytical Reporting

Strunk Media Group will analyze the results of your campaign to be make performance improvements going forward. Plus we reconcile your contracted media buy with the actual media delivered. Unchecked, as much as 20% of paid commercials air outside of the the contracted time slots! If you’re not reviewing every line of the invoice, you are likely losing deserved performance credits. That’s real cash! We never let that happen to you.


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