Data Driven Placements

We use data to power our traditional media marketing decisions. TV advertising is increasingly more complicated with users ability to choose where, when and what device they use to consume video data. Now more than ever, your message must be relevant to the user if you want them to see it. We utilize independent and industry accredited ratings services to make the optimum decisions for your media spend.

Main Benefits

  • Award-winning video production that draws viewership
  • Researched based media placement for optimal spending
  • Follow through with analytical reporting and reconciliation


What You’ll Get

Award-Winning Video Production

Does your video actually convey the message your target audience wants to see and watch to completion? With Strunk Media Group your video production project starts with a well conceived and written story-line and ends with a finished product that you will be proud to use and will rival that of national advertisers. Our ideas are endless and so are the results.

Insights & Research

Before we start planning your next television campaign, Strunk Media Group will look at insights and research to determine realistic goals based on your budget. We leverage real data to drive real results.

Media Planning

Once we’ve determined your marketing goals, we put together a complete media plan for you that accounts for your target audience, desired message with expected outcome and resulting creative assets. Once approved, your custom media plan is set in motion.

Media Buying

Empowered by our approved media plan, Strunk Media Group will go to work negotiating and buying placements on your behalf. Our goal is to place your media in the most effective and efficient manner.  We don’t place it unless it is guaranteed to run. If you’re not careful, your schedule may look good on paper, but unreasonable rates and dayparts may result in pre-empted spots. That’s unacceptable because you didn’t just miss a spot, you missed an opportunity to grow your business!  Don’t leave your media buy to chance, let Strunk Media power your results.

Analytical Reporting & Reconciliation

Strunk Media Group will analyze the results of your campaign to be make performance improvements going forward. Plus we reconcile your contracted media buy with the actual media delivered. Unchecked, as much as 20% of paid commercials air outside of the the contracted time slots! If you’re not reviewing every line of the invoice, you are likely losing deserved performance credits. That’s real cash! We never let that happen to you

And So Much More

Strunk Media Group can serve as your full service agency of record. We’ll coordinate your efforts among many different mediums to ensure optimal results. Let us help you take your message to this powerful medium or allows us to further optimize your current efforts.


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